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Okay so before I get on with my Hot Juice review let me tell you right from the start that this company's vape juices are freekin' WICKED... I've been vaping for over 10 years now and I have NEVER vaped e-juices as good as this, their standard juice and CBD vapes are WORLD CLASS, Hot Juice is now my "go to" supplier — I won't vape anything else! 

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A slight learning curve when vaping CBD as each persons requirements are different! 
Their "Flavor Chemists" have created 60 mouth-watering flavors... Truly tantalizing!
Their standard vape juices and CBD vape juices are extremely high quality, safe and effective!
World Class Vape Juice for Serious Vapers!
  • Effectiveness) All of Hot Juice vape juices are extremely safe & effective and are proudly crafted in the USA in an approved laboratory under strict quality control conditions. Their CBD vapes are combined with 99% pure CBD isolate along with your choice of carrier (PG or VG), producing a far superior method of administering Cannabidiol (CBD) to the body quickly and thoroughly and without the psychoactive high that is associated with THC.

  • Taste) Hot Juice currently offers over 60 mouth-watering flavors in 9 different categories, their professional team of "flavor chemists" and "Mixologists" have more than 12 years experience crafting the finest flavors in the vaping industry. ​ Future plans include the addition of 365 new luxury flavors by the end of 2019 all of which will contain Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified and Non-GMO ingredients.... Their flavors are Truly Tantalizing!

  • Ease of Use) With Hot Juice standard vapes it couldn't be easier, you simply choose your nicotine level along with the preferred carrier (PG or VG) and vape the way you always do, however there is a slight learning curve when it comes to vaping CBD as every persons requirements are different, it’s always wise to start with a small dose and slowly work your way up until you find that sweet spot.

  • Price) I've been vaping for over 10 years and have literally vaped 100's of different e-liquids​, I can tell you from first hand experience that you will not find juices of this caliber for anything less, their prices are very affordable and attainable for everyone, in fact I have often paid more for inferior products from other vape suppliers that ended up crystallizing on my shelf because I couldn't stomach the taste!

  • Customer Support) I have contacted their support team on a couple occasions for advise and recommendations as well as a few technical questions in regard to dosing their CBD vape juice, on both occasions they responded in short time with very clear and detailed answers to my questions, it's obvious that they have a passion not only for crafting the finest vape juices in the industry but also for complete customer care and satisfaction.
Top notch customer support, my questions were answered very quickly & professionally!
Prices are excellent for such high quality vape juice... as the saying goes: "you get what you pay for"
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  • World Class Vape Juices and CBD e-liquids
  • Hand-Crafted Luxurious Flavors
  • Extremely Safe & Effective
  • Great Price for Such High Quality Vapes
  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Not Yet Widely Available in Local Vape Shops
  • No Other Cons that I Can Think Of
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Hot Juice Review Summary: If you're not vaping Hot Juice you're missing out big time... Hot Juice's standard vape juice and CBD e-liquids are the best I have ever used, unprecedented quality and award-winning flavors with robust clouds and superior throat hit make these vape juices my all time favorite... I won't vape anything else!
I’ll start off by saying that I have been a die-hard vaper for 5+ years and in all that time I have never tasted vape juice this good, so good in fact that I vaped out all of the bottles of hot juice that I had faster than I have ever done before.... This Stuff Kicks Ass!

This Los Angeles-based company founded by Robert and Jon Deak as well as their sister Lula (Deak) Malone of SAFE CIG fame is highly respected for crafting some of the best vape juices in the world and I have been watching the company from inception until it became a key player in the industry. At this time, the impact of Hot Juice on the industry can no longer be ignored so I decided to make a comprehensive review of the vape juice products from the Hot Juice e-liquid Brand.

After first testing a handful of their vape juices I was surprised at how awesome every one of them was, In fact these vapes are by far the best out of all the brands I have sampled so far. Over the years I have tested many e-juices from leading brands and admittedly some flavors have been impressive, but with the Hot Juice brand every bottle that I tested was amazing. I must give credit to the company’s production team which consists of industry veterans, vaping enthusiasts and vape juice aficionados for creating such excellent products. The team really knows what it takes to formulate uniquely flavorful vape juices that stand way out from the crowd.

The more flavors I sample the more I am convinced that Hot Juice is the brand to beat in the e-liquid industry, the company does not use marketing hype and flamboyant packaging, instead they focus on creating products that are not only satisfying but are also captivating, leaving you wanting more. It became apparent to me early on that manufacturing vape juices is not just business as usual at they are fully invested and very passionate about crafting world class vapes that (I feel) have set the new gold standard in this industry.

Mouthwatering Flavors that Satisfy

Being the vaping junkie that I am and having an insatiable appetite for more, I'm always on the lookout for new and unique flavors to tease and tantalize my taste buds, as of this writing the Hot Juice team of flavor-chemists and mixologists have formulated an impressive line-up of 60 luxurious flavors in 9 different categories that include: 
Now, although 60 flavors might seem like a lot to some people and I'm sure that most vaping aficionados out there would be quite satisfied with ​the choices they offer, however Hot Juice will not rest on their laurels and they have informed me that they will be adding an additional 365 hand-crafted flavors within the coming year which will put them on the map as the largest vape juice supplier in the world!

Hot Juice Review — How Much Do I Love Their Vape Juices?

  • Dessert Flavors
  • Cereal Flavors
  • Beverage Flavors

  • Candy Flavors
  • Fruit Flavors
  • Coffee Flavors

  • Menthol Flavor
  • Tobacco Flavors
  • Nuts & Spice Flavors 
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Banana Eclair
BAM BAM Crunch
Sweet Pop
Italian Mocha Frappe
Circus Cloud
Shaggy Snacks
Puff The Fruity Dragon
Old Havana
S'more Explorer
Root Beer Goggles
Vanilla Berry Cake
Fudge Brownie Pie
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After so many years of vaping virtually every e-juice I could get my hands on I figured that the juices from Hot Juice  would probably just be on par with the best of them, however I was not prepared for the exceedingly high quality of every product from this brand. I've actually tried more than half of their flavors ranging from the tasty cereal-flavored vapes to their fabulous cannabinoid (CBD) e-juices and the quality of these products has exceeded my expectations every single time!

If I'm to be completely honest I will admit that I was somewhat suspicious of their catalog of 60 different flavors. I was of the opinion that some of these products might just be rehashed replicas of other flavors that I've tried from various vendors, however my suspicions quickly faded from one bottle to the next as I began to open each new bottle with excitement. 

One thing that I found particularly impressive was how they have formulated their blends to precisely mimic the taste of well known brands of pastries, cocktails, and breakfast cereals. For instance, the BAM BAM Crunch Vape juice tasted like Fruity Pebbles soaked in milk and the Banana Eclair had the perfect blend of chocolate, banana and graham cracker, it reminded me of Dunkin' Donuts. Other vivid example are their fudge brownie pie, talk about a trip down memory lane it was like a visit to Grand Ma's house, oh and lets not forget the Root Beer goggles vape juice which had the taste of fresh root beer topped with vanilla ice cream, It sounds funny but for a split second I actually thought I was drinking an A&W root beer float as the taste was so realistic!

When I compared the Hot Juice Cereal Flavors to my favorite Cereal Flavors from other suppliers who claim to have the best, the Hot juice brand won hands down! My paradigm about e-juice suppliers changed completely; I realized that Hot Juice is the brand that is better than the best. The juices from this company stand out among other premium brands of vape juice.

Hot Juice's dedication to creating outstanding products with the finest ingredients is unparalleled in the industry. This passion is vital to their ability to create excellent vape juice. The high levels of product customization which includes nicotine levels and VG/PG blends makes their products unequivocally the highest quality e-liquids in existence and perhaps the most customizable.

You are able to select your desired level of nicotine ranging from 0mg (no nicotine), 3mg (ultra light), 11mg (light), 18mg (regular), or 24mg (strong), You can also choose your preferred carrier between Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol depending on the type of cloud and throat hit you are after, which is something rarely seen from a vape juice providers as it's usually one or the other. 

Going by my experience with their existing products, I am waiting with bated breath to evaluate the next generation of new products from this industry leader which are due to be introduced in 2019. The dominance of the Hot Juice brand will not come as a surprise to me  and I am completely convinced that the they will soon be the undisputed world leader in the vaping industry known for producing the highest quality and most innovative vape juices in the world.

I have been a vaping guy since the industry began over 10 years ago and I honestly thought that I had tasted the best, but to my surprise the e-liquids from satisfied me on a completely different level. Every new flavor that I try brings a different experience altogether; the passion it ignites in me is like vaping for the first time. 

​                                                                     Check out this Hot Juice video I stumbled upon – it's how I first heard about them!
When it comes to products that are of exceedingly high quality, Hot Juice is a company you can count on time and time again. The company is meticulous in their manufacturing process; they source their ingredients locally and pass them through a strict quality assessment to make sure they are suitable for use. Perhaps this is the reason why the flavors in their juices have consistent taste, and stimulating effects.

I'll tell you this much, if you're local vape shop doesn't have Hot Juice sitting on the top shelf it's simply because they don't sell it, otherwise that's exactly where it would be — right up there with the best-of-the-best!

Personally I prefer to order directly from that way I know that I am getting freshly brewed ejuices with the precise strength of nicotine or CBD that I request on the order form and knowing that they have not been sitting on a shelf for an undetermined length of time, in fact I’ve been to several vape shops where they add nicotine or flavoring right on the spot, however they appear to be taking an educated guess while pouring from an unlabeled bottle they keep hidden under the counter.

What About Steeping?

As I mentioned earlier Hot Juice makes their juices on demand and to your specific requirements which is comforting to know that your product will always be fresh and hasn't been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, this is important for those of us that prefer to steep our juices because this way you already know how long the product has been steeped which enables you to continue the steeping process to your preferred length of time or simply begin vaping it right away.

Keeping that in mind, I was particularly impressed after steeping some of their dessert flavors as many of them were flavors that reminded me of my childhood such as: Blueberry waffles, Boston Cream and Crispy Churro. I can attest that the taste of each one of them was exactly as I remembered when enjoying the real thing as a kid. But also keep in mind that most of the time I don't bother steeping, I just vape them right away and have always found the taste to be right on par with the actual product it simulates, so the question of steeping becomes a personal choice but I really don't think it's necessary with this brand as all of their juices have exceptional taste right out of the bottle from day one. 

The over sixty flavors in the company product line-up gives you lots of choices whether you're a cloud chaser who prefers to enrich the flavors by steeping  or whether  you're an ex-smoker who's just looking for a safer alternative, Hot Juice has something for everyone. I highly recommend that you get a bottle to enjoy a first-hand experience!

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Let's Talk a Bit About CBD

OK, so before I get talking about Hot Juice's cbd vape liquid, I just want to point out that although I have been vaping for over a decade I had never vaped Cannabidiol (CBD), but that all changed the day my Doctor suggested  that I give it a try to help with my insomnia and let me tell you this stuff works, in fact it works so well that I have completely stopped taking prescription meds for my insomnia (I hate meds).

Not being familiar with dosing was a bit of a challenge, however what I really appreciated was how the professional team at Hot Juice has the knowledge and expertise to accurately formulate their blends with just the right dose of CBD to safely and effectively be delivered to the body for maximum affect as quickly as possible and with zero side effects.

                   Here are 4 of their CBD liquids that I have tried so far... Loved them!
Hot Juice CBD juices are manufactured with 99% pure CBD isolate and are sold in 100ml Bottles with a mixture of 70% PG / 30% VG as this is the best ratio for delivering maximum results, they currently offer varying strengths ranging from 250mg to 5000mg which is considerably more than the competition, with each strength comes a different effect as outlined on their website: 

  • 250mg has a soothing effect
  • 500mg is relaxing
  • 1000mg  is described as dreamy
  • 2000mg you'll experience Tranquility 
  • 5000mg is pure Utopia

Hot juice currently offer 12 different flavors of CBD vape juice with plans to roll out 100 new flavors within the next year, every flavor is hand crafted utilizing the finest ingredient that have been sourced locally from the best hemp farms in the USA and is recognized as safe to use by Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  — third party lab analysis is performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and is reported in it's entirety.

Kiwiberry Stardust CBD
Peach Utopia CBD
Island Dream CBD
Arctic Blueberry CBD
Here's a small sampling of some of their standard vapes that I've tried so far:
Bear in mind that since there is no THC in their CBD juices you will NOT experience any psychoactive effects — in other words you will not get high, and because of that it is also legal in all 50 states in fact CBD is legal in many parts of the world and Hot juice is prepared to ship their cbd juices worldwide providing it is allowed by law to be consumed/vaped in your part of the world.

Regarding the CBD enriched e-liquid, it contains therapeutic grade CDB extract in purity which is devoid of trace THC in compliance with federal laws. The CBD is the active ingredient in Hot Juice that gives you that serene feeling of relaxation. Simply check the label and you will know the amount of CBD you get per volume so you can choose the product that gives you the best value.

Vaping CBD can be expensive, that is why you have to take extra care to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. I recommend any of the brands products to vapers around the world because when it comes to cost efficiency, you get the best value for your money with Hot Juice. That being said, get a bottle of any flavor of the Hot Juice e-liquid brand to have a first-hand experience of the premium e-liquid that has set the standard of quality for vape juice across the globe. I can assure you, these products are like nothing you have tasted before.


If you are not vaping Hot Juice e-liquids then you are missing out in a big way... Hot Juice's standard vapes and CBD e-liquids are totally legit and the very best I have ever had the privilege of vaping, unmatched quality and award-winning, unique flavors that produce massive clouds and smooth throat hits make these e-juices my all time personal favorites... I simply won't vape anything else!
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