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CBD E-liquid  from Medical Marijuana vs. Industrial Hemp

Up to now, we have established that there is no doubt in Cannabidiol being exactly the same in nature, regardless of which plant it is extracted from. However, hemp CBD oil and medical marijuana CBD E-liquid differ from each other.

The major difference between both E-liquids is that CBD E-liquid from medical marijuana has varied levels of THC, which makes it a Schedule I drug. This is why it is banned in various parts of the world and different states of the U.S.

The industrial hemp has a high composition ratio of CBD, and only traces of THC. So the hemp oil produced from industrial hemp is non-psychotropic. This makes hemp CBD E-liquid  extremely beneficial and safe to use. 

Both the CBD E-liquids  also differ in the overall composition, containing different amounts of other types of cannabinoids. However, those compounds are in lesser amount and have no special effects like THC or CBD. 

In the gist of it, industrial hemp oil is what you should go for, if you are looking for a safe and legal CBD E-liquid  product. This type of CBD E-liquid  is rich in CBD and only has traces of THC. 

There is no doubt that Cannabidiol in nature is exactly the same, regardless of which plant it is extracted from. However, CBD and CBD E-liquid differ from each other. Cannabidiol is a single naturally occurring substance, while CBD E-liquid is a blend of different naturally occurring substances, extracted from cannabis plant. 

The process of making hemp oil is based on the extraction of fatty acids from the stem of cannabis plant. These fatty acids contain fat-soluble substances. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble. Therefore, they are extracted from the plant and dissolved in the liquid. The CBD E-liquid products vary in Cannabidiol up to different percentages. The rest is composed by other fatty acid substances and hemp oil extracts. 
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