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 Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
CBD (Cannabidiol) - An Introduction
A common question asked by everyone these days is “What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?”

To begin with, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring substance. It has become the center of attention for its effectiveness. It is a dietary supplement which is being researched for its efficiency. The initial results have been really promising. However, it is still surrounded by some confusion which is caused by misinformation. 

The rise in the popularity of this substance has come in the light of its recognition as a relieving agent for anxiety and inflammation. The CBD oil is used as a dietary supplement. Its usage is still new and there are a few doubts about its effects. Though we can responsibly say that Cannabidiol is safe and legal. The extent of its benefits is still under research. 
In this article we will discuss the most important known facts about Cannabidiol, in order to remove any confusion regarding its effectiveness. This article will put light on:

  • Pros of CBD
  • Origin of CBD 
  • The legal status of CBD

Moreover, we also have our “Cannabidiol Definitions” section which will help you familiarize with the technical terms related to CBD.

Benefits of CBD

Many people have reported positive effects after using CBD. They have confirmed reduction in various symptoms. The scientific community is researching on CBD to clarify the scope of this agent in the cures for diseases like epilepsy, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, nausea, bipolar disorder, convulsions, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, spasms and several severe medical conditions which includes cancer. 

The effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of such diseases is still unconfirmed, but is being researched. However, what we can say with confidence is that CBD has shown great potential for helping with anxiety and inflammatory diseases. 

Another proven aspect of CBD is that it is known to prevent the growth of several severe infections causing bacteria like MRSA bacterium. CBD is highly effective against bacterial growth due to its antioxidant properties. This is an aspect ignore up till now by the big dietary supplement corporations.

Though CBD can be highly beneficial; we still suggest you to research and consult your physician before using CBD in daily life. 

The Origin of CBD

CBD E-liquid is essentially derived from specific types of cannabis plant, which is often referred to as hemp. Its chemical formation makes it one of the 85 known cannabinoid substances found in the cannabis plant. CBD is present richly in hemp plant, forming up to 40% of the extracts. 

Let’s discuss a few points that are associated with the “big confusion”;

While CBD constitutes 40% of the total extract of hemp plant, it is still not the most abundantly found component. The most abundantly found component is THC, which is an illegal intoxicant. 

Though CBD is completely safe and has no intoxicants, it is widely mistaken for THC. However there are big differences between CBD and THC, but the confusion is justified, as understanding CBD properly is tough due to the terminology that relates to it. 

Let’s make one thing clear before moving on. You cannot get intoxicated by smoking or ingesting CBD. This is a proven fact. 

Commonly, CBD is present in oil form which is often mixed with other hemp oil extracts depending on the amount of concentration. 

CBD- Legal or Not?

CBD is globally marked as legal (Marked as controlled substance in Canada only). As evident from the explanation above, CBD is surrounded by misinformation. The misinformation is based on its close relation with THC and also the improper understanding of its chemical properties. 

For a long time, CBD has been considered a strictly regulated substance on account of its close relation with THC. However, its chemical composition is completely unrelated to THC. Some characteristics may be similar but they share different formation paths. This is why CBD is regarded as a legal dietary supplement. It is safe to consume Cannabidiol in various concentrations and amounts. 

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