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Holland Hemp Honey CBD E-Liquid Review 
This E-liquid is Manufactured and distributed by The Holland Hemp Company and is claimed to be a premium blend of cannabidiol E-liquid made with TrueCBD™.

According to the information on their website TrueCBD™ is apparently the very first E-liquid to ever be introduced into the USA marketplace utilizing the newest and cleanest cannabidiol on earth with a purity content of 99.99% - The company claims that the CBD within their E-liquid is so pure that there is virtually no trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) resulting in a truly flavorful product without the earthy tones so often associated with CBD E-liquids.

As of this review Holland Hemp Honey CBD E-Liquids retail for $24.99 US and come in 10ml bottles containing no less than 50mg of cannabidiol derived from hemp.

Available in a variety of interesting flavors including:

  • Bee Sting (Medley of flavors similar to Tutti Frutti)
  • Bee's Knees (Similar to those fish-shaped chewy candies called Swedish fish)
  • Buzz Berry (Their version of wild berries & Pomegranate)
  • Bee Cool (Minty flavor they refer to as icy cool)
  • Sour Apple (They haven't come up with a Bee phrase yet)


  • The Holland Hemp Company has a solid reputation and is known to manufacture and distribute quality products

  • Their E-Liquids are legal in all 50 US States


  • They claim that theirs is the "Only THC-Free CBD E-Liquid" ... A claim that many other suppliers have made as well, we think some documented proof is in order.

  • We were unable to find an ingredient list for any of their E-liquids which we feel is of utmost importance when you are selling a product that people will be ingesting into their lungs.

  • The absence of any mention as to what carrier they are using (propylene glycol vs vegetable glycerin) is very disconcerting as people need to know this information.

  • As of the date of writing this review (and on several occasions prior) we we unable to add any of their CBD E-liquids into their online shopping cart as their seemed to be a malfunction of sorts ... something they should look into sooner than later.


While the Holland Hemp Company does manufacture and distribute some quality products​ it is our opinion that the company should include more information in regard to their E-liquids so that consumers can make a better informed buying decision, without this crucial information being readily available we are unable to give them a high rating.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
3 anfdhalf star rating
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