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Hemp Pure Vape E-Liquid Review 
Hemp Pure Vape E-liquid is distributed by Hemp Pure. They have a wholesale site and distribute CBD e-liquid to Electronic Cigarette Stores. Hemp pure vape claim they carry the best CBD E-liquids and other products.

According to their website hemp pure vape have teamed up with two of the best mixologists on the planet. This is a huge claim and one that cannot be proved or disproved. They claim that their mixologists have produced the best tasting CBD E-liquid that is available on the market. This is not the only claim that Hemp Pure Vape make on their website. They also claim that they distribute the number one hemp E-liquid on the market and that their E-liquid is the best tasting available.

As of writing, CBD (Cannabidiol) has not been tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and they are not meant as a form of medication for any kind of disease or ailment.

No prices are given on the website and you will need to sign up for a wholesale account in order to get a clearer understanding of prices and information.

Hemp Pure Vape comes in five interesting flavours:

  • Chillberry
  • Snakebite
  • Peached
  • Mojo
  • Blue

Unfortunately, the website does not offer further details of what these flavours are.


  • Comes in a variety of flavours
  • Claim all natural ingredients
  • Legal in 50 US States


  • You have to sign up for a wholesale account to buy from hemp pure vape
  • There is not much information on the flavours
  • Some of the claims such as the best mixologists on the planet are a bit extreme.
  • Claim that their formula is unmatched and most effective CBD E-liquid you can find is also a dramatic statement to make and needs proof of this.
  • Claim that they have quickly become the number one hemp E-liquid on the market is another huge claim that needs evidence to back it up.


Hemp Pure Vape certainly do seem to have good quality products but a lack of information is the one thing that prevents us from giving a high rating. We believe that pricing should be simple and clear on their website before signing up for an account. We also believe that information about their E-Liquids such as what each flavour contains should be included. We believe that more information should be readily available for the public to make an informed choice on what they are buying.

Furthermore, Hemp Pure Vape have some extravagant claims that we believe needs to be proven before they can be put out into public. The public should be able to make an informed choice on products they buy without the need for extravagant claims with no proof.

Without crucial information on flavourings and without proof of any claims made, we feel that we are unable to give a high rating. Buyers should be able to have access to all information of E-liquids and any claims should be backed up with proof.

UPDATE: now sells wholesale and retail, all retail prices are cleary posted on the website, for wholesale pricing you will need to sign up for a wholesale account.

Rating: 3 out of 5
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