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 Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
#1 Rated CBD Oil from 1991 - 2019!
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It seems that everywhere you go these days there is talk of the tremendous health benefits associated with the use of hemp extracts, one such extract of particular interest is Cannabidiol (CBD) and most notably CBD OIL.

When you consider that hemp oil has been used for medicinal purposes since the dawning of the ages it makes us wonder why there is so much sudden interest and why so many companies are just now beginning to bring hemp products to market.In this Elixinol review we will explain the difference between a quality supplier and why you should steer clear of companies that outsource their cultivation to manufacturers overseas.

Paul Benhaim, Co-founder of Elixinol  has been an early innovator of hemp derived products since 1991 and has been instrumental in bringing a wide range of high quality hemp oil and full-spectrum CBD extracts to the North American Marketplace

It is important to note that many other companies are outsourcing the cultivation and manufacturing of hemp and hemp oil products to facilities located in China which have little-to-no quality control measures in place, and often produce products with very low levels of CBD along with high levels of synthetic chemical additives and harmful toxins.

Furthermore these same companies take short-cuts during the extraction process using a combination of extreme heat and alcohol that literally boils many of nutrients and other essential oils out of the mixture resulting in an oil that has been severely compromised and lacking in many key cannabinoids necessary for a complete synergistic effect

Elixinol Review:

Rating: 5/5
Editors choice award
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~ It is with great pride that we award Elixinol with our highest quality rating, and we encourage you to browse their website for all of your CBD and Hemp Oil needs.
Elixinol insists on using only the finest quality organically grown Industrial Hemp that has been bespecifically bred to yield very high measures of CBD, they also use a unique "CO2 extraction process" which preserves the integrity of the oil resulting in a finished product that is far superior to any other competitor in the hemp oil industry.

Elixinol's CBD oils DO NOT contain THC and are therefore non-psychoactive (meaning you will not get high) however, their oils DO contain high levels of CBD as well as a host of other synergistic cannabinoids that are necessary to create what is referred to as the "entourage effect" which results in the most effective CBD oil on the market today 

In addition to CBD oil, other products that Elixinol manufactures include: CBD Capsules, Hemp Oil Liposomes, Hemp Seeds, Protein Powders and their highly sought after Concentrated Extract Filled Oral Applicators.

Elixinol's products are not only meant to be ingested for medicinal purposes but they can also be used topically on the skin to help restore your skins youthful appearance or massaged into your hair which will help to circulate the blood in your scalp thereby effectively thickening the hairs texture.

Over the last three decades Elixinol he has built a reputation for manufacturing and distributing what experts refer to as the "Gold Standard of Hemp Oil Products" and they have clearly positioned themselves as the a leader in the industry 

We take great pride in writing this Elixinol review and in awarding them with our highest rating, we highly recommend their line of products to all of our readers and we encourage you to check out their website for all of your CBD and hemp oil requirements. ​

Stay Healthy,