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 Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
The two most abundant cannabinoids that are naturally present in hemp are namely Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

These are classified as phytocannabinoids and have their respective effects on or brain and certain other cells, which potentially causes several different reactions in our body.

CBD and THC are quite similar at the molecular level and have various similar uses. Until recently, this had led to a common misconception that CBD and THC are the same substances and makes people think that CBD can get them high. The chemical properties of THC and CBD contrast almost entirely from each other. This is the main reason why THC is strictly controlled by federal authorities and CBD is considered safe and legal for use and will not get you high. 

CBD and THC are surrounded by a lot of misinformation, which is propagated according to interests of people who want to see one substance prevail over the other. We will discuss the basic scientific facts about both CBD and THC, with the objective of exploring the differences between THC and CBD. 

Clinical Application


CBD and THC affect our body’s cells through their cannabinoid receptors. Simply explained, these receptors transmit signals through our bodies which causes physiological effects. 

While some cannabinoids cause adverse psychotropic effects to our body, some cannabinoids have potential clinical properties. No documented researches have shown any adverse effects of CBD. This is why CBD is legal globally. CBD has also shown to safeguard against the adverse effects of THC. 

CBD is used as a remedy for treatment of anxiety and some medical conditions relating to inflammation. Research has also shown promising results in treatment of other medical diseases. The scientific community is researching on CBD to clarify the scope of this agent in the cures for diseases like epilepsy, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, nausea, bipolar disorder, convulsions, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, spasms and several severe medical conditions which includes cancer.
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Further researches are still under process to find out the potential of CBD in medical sciences. 


Being the first phytocannabinoid to be discovered, THC has been extensively researched. Researches confirm that THC is a strong psychoactive agent and even its small amounts can cause intoxication. THC has the ability to affect your behaviour and will trigger you to lose control over your senses. This is why marijuana, a popular drug derived from THC, is illegal. 

On the other hand, some formulations of THC have proven to have medical benefits. It works as an analgesic and is also great remedy for the treatment of serious medical conditions like AIDS and cancer. 

These aspects of THC have triggered the rise in the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is safe for use, prescribed by a physician and effective against several serious illnesses. 

What Do Scientists Say?

It is widely regarded that CBD is safer than THC, based on several points. Some studies have found correlations between continuous use of THC and a few psychiatric conditions which include depression, psychosis and even schizophrenia. However, these studies do not bind THC as the cause of such a psychiatric conditions. For example, you may associate a lighter with smoking, but having it does not necessarily suggest that you smoke. 

CBD has a wider considered application scope as compared to THC. As CBD is being researched, more scope for CBD will become available very soon, but not all aspects have been discovered yet. However, THC’s application is fully explored due to a decade long study. 


This debate usually interests cannabis users and it stems from confusion and misinformation linked to these substances. 
The CBD vs THC debate is something that often crops up in the circles of cannabis users, and it mainly stems from misinformation that surrounds these substances.

As evident from the explanation above, we can safely state that both these substances are so dissimilar that it will not be right to compare them with each other. Both substances offer medical value. However, while THC may be ill-treated in the form of a recreational drug, CBD is safe and is not an intoxicant. 

CBD and THC have certain specific usage and properties. One cannot label any of these substances as useless. THC has documented medical benefits and can be considered useful in certain aspects as well.

We feel that there is still so much more to THC and CBD that should be explored to learn their extent of application. Both these substances are positively affecting several lives today. The world of science is continuously evolving and it is better to stay updated with relatively unexplored substances like CBD. 

CBD vs THC: What is the Difference?

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