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Cloud 9's premium gold label CBD is derived from a particular hemp strain that is renowned for its ultra high Cannabidiol (CBD) potency. Afterward, it is evaluated in a USA based lab to make sure that it has the purest Cannabidiol concentration. Cloud 9 hemp is proud of their customer service and offer the most potent and pure CBD products on the market making their CBD e-liquids and vape juices the best in the industry.

CBD provides the complete spectrum of health advantages that come with medical cannabis, but without the THC side effects. Although Cloud 9 Hemp can’t validate the claims made with regards to CBD’s impact, They do endorse the independent use of CBD. Be mindful that Cloud 9 Hemp products won’t get anyone high and don’t contain THC. 

There are 50% PG, VG, and CBD flavorings that come with these e-liquid blends. The flavors are taken from real base ingredients. Gold label CBD bottles come in amounts of 25mg, 50mg or 100mg.


  • Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau

  • Legal in all 50 States without a Prescription

  • Highest Potency CBD (Canabidiol) On the Market

  • Only the Finest Hemp Known for it's Ultra Purity

  • Proprietary Blends Available Only from "Cloud 9"

  • Same Benefits as Medical Marijuana without the High

  • Manufactured in a Certified Facility in the USA

  • Laboratory Tested to Ensure Purity and Safety

  • Certificate of Conformity for all Packaging

  • Free Shipping on all USA Orders

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Secure​ Shopping Cart - Your information is Safe!

Cloud 9 Hemp Review & Biggest Coupon Code

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Review of Cloud 9 Hemp CBD E-liquids, Vape Juice, Dabs and Other Cannabidiol Infused Products.

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Date Established:

founded in 2014


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Smyrna, TN 37167
United States
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What makes Cloud 9 Hemp CBD vape oils and e-liquids unique? Lets find out in our Cloud 9 Hemp review!

Extensive research is needed to produce the greatest and purest CBD hemp e-liquid out there. Cloud 9's proprietary method of ultrasonic blending, emulsification, and steeping is what amplifies the quality of this CBD hemp e-liquid above most others. Cloud 9 Hemp's blend of e-liquids will be effective with all kinds of conventional cartomizers and existing tanks. Only locally and domestically-sourced ingredients are used in all of their products.
​"Zero-CBD" Sample Flavors from Cloud 9 Hemp

These test containers allow you to try out our flavors without any CBD in them before purchasing anything. An ideal way for potential wholesalers who want to sample flavors before buying. It is also a fantastic supplement to our Mixologist and High-Octane blends. These testers contain no CBD and come in 10ml sizes.

​Zero-CBD Sample Flavors from Cloud 9 Hemp
 "Dark Side of the Moon" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid 

This sweet dessert vape is a fudge brownie blend with toppings like cream and pralines, salted caramel, and some Kahlua to enhance the chocolate.

Dark Side of the Moon Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
"Easy Rider" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid 

A great combination of coconut, Kentucky bourbon, vanilla, and Madagascar brown sugar. Your taste buds will fall in love with this intricate flavor.

Easy Rider Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
"Equilibrium" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

An amazing mix of raspberry, lemon, koolada (mint), and menthol. Our version of menthol hits all your taste buds with an equalizing mixture of sweetness and sourness in one bottle.

 "Happy Daze" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

A creamy combination of blueberry and pomegranate that leaves nothing to the imagination. This e-juice has the perfect mix of velvety undertones with the delicious tastes of vanilla and tantalizing fruits. 

"Lizard King" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid  

This traditional mix includes Bavarian cream, sweet cream, caramel, and marshmallow, with a touch of vanilla custard. This mellow and sweat blend is an 
e-liquid vape that can be sampled all day long.

 "Midnight Express" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid   

We are pleased to provide this premium tobacco flavor derived from Europe. This combination of tobacco has the ideal mix of mouthfeel, throat hit, taste, and sweetness. This is truly a unique tobacco e-liquid.

 "Mad Hatter" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid 

An outstanding combination of sugar cookies, sweet vanilla custard, a little bit of honey, and brown sugar. This yummy mix contains a bevy of flavors that are to die for.

Equilibrium Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
 Happy Daze Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Lizard King Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Mad Hatter Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Midnight Express Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
"Nice Dreams" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid    

A mild combination of ripe cantaloupe, strawberries, coconut, and watermelon. Each time you breathe in and out, you’ll pick up a different flavor. This is a mild but yummy vape you can use all day and not get of it!

 "Morning Glory" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

Raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, and mango flavors are available. A blend of ripe fruit tastes, wonderfully combined into a fruity flavor. Your mornings will change forever after you wake and bake to this flavor. 

 "Panama Red" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

A fruity combination with an extreme nectarine boost. This fruity and sweet concoction overrides your taste buds and gives them an exciting trip. Panama Red is beloved amongst users.
Morning Glory Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Nice Dreams Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Panama Red Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
"Purple Rain" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

You’ll be mesmerized by this tantalizing combination of toasted graham crackers, freshly baked sugar cookies, and warm butterscotch. This dessert vape will be one you will always remember. 
"Ridgemont High" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

An outstanding mix of sweet cream, Bavarian cream, cheesecake, and ripe strawberries. This is a cool, fruity, and sweet vape that is sure to be a favorite
"Stoned Age" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

A delicious combination of salted caramel, French vanilla, banana, hazelnut, butter pecan, and toasted almond. You’ll be blown away after your first hit.
"Sweet Nothings" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

You’ll be left wanting more after you sample this incredible combination of fruity bubble gum, strawberry, and fruit punch.
 "Yellow Brick Road" Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid

A combination of pomegranate and nectarine with a hint of sweet cream. You won’t believe your taste buds after trying out this smooth, fruity blend.
Purple Rain Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Ridgemont High Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Stoned Age Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Sweet Nothings Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Yellow Brick Road Cannabidiol (CBD) E-Liquid
Each one of their CBD E-liquids features a synergistic combination of organic vegetable glycerin (VG), food-based flavorings, and pharmacy-grade propylene glycol (PG). 

High Octane Hemp CBD Oil

The raw hemp oil, High Octane, comes with high CBD concentrations. High Octane will send complete spectrum cannabinoids in concentrated doses. This highly concentrated product offers optimum benefits. High Octane pure CBD hemp oil contains a natural earthy flavor profile. Ideal if orally taken, but can be added to e-liquid and vaped in small amounts.  

  • No added flavors or sweeteners.
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, and completely vegetarian.
  • Produced using distilled and decarboxylated Co2. 
  • Comes with a complete spectrum of fatty acids, cannabinoids, naturally-occurring vitamin E, and terpenes.
  • Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin as emulsifier and gold standard hemp oil. 

Based on the concentration ordered, High Octane comes in 10ml or 30ml bottles with an existing 50 mg of CBD concentration per 1ml. *The concentrated amount ordered will be contingent on how full the bottle is when sent. For instance, if High Octane 300mg/CBD is ordered at a concentration of 50mg/1ml, in a 10ml bottle, you’ll get 6ml's of CBD hemp oil, and as such, the bottle won’t be full. Raw hemp oil is sticky solid and very thick, and as such, glycol/glycerin are used in moderate amounts to maintain the liquid state of the product.

CBD Edibles

  • CBD Honey Sticks 

Tasty CBD Honey Sticks offer an ideal approach to obtaining your CBD where you like. This sugary treat will be a delight for all candy lovers, whether consumed manually or added to hot tea. Sold in packs of five, every stick contains 10mg of pure natural organic CBD. CBD Infused Honey Sticks are made with 100% natural CBD honey.

  • Hemp Health Holistic CBD Oral Spray 

Hemp Health’s spray provides a combination of complete spectrum cannabinoids. Also, the formula base is comprised of some of the healthiest oils out there – coconut oil and hemp seed oil. 550mg of cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBDA, CBG, and terpenes) are contained in a 2oz bottle. Comes in unflavored and peppermint concoctions!

Hemp Health CBD Oral Spray is a vegan hemp oil tincture/spray created with non-GMO hemp that was grown without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. You’ll find ingredients like terpenes, hemp seed oil, hemp CBD complex, and coconut oil in our natural formula.

  • CBD Tropical Gummies 

CBD tropical gummies come in numerous flavors, including tangerine, lime, and acai pomegranate. For optimal potency, the highest quality CBD is used to make these CBD gummies.

  • Powerful percentage (80%) Complete Spectrum CBD and Terpene Profiles.
  • Naturally Produced CBD in Hemp Oil.
  • Phytocannabinoid-rich CBD.
  • Non-Psychoactive, 0% THC Free.
  • Certified and Processed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
CBD Honey Sticks
Peppermint Hemp Health Holistic CBD Oral Spray
Unflavored Hemp Health Holistic CBD Oral Spray
CBD Tropical Gummies
Mixologist Blend Pure CBD Concentrate
CBD Additive

  • Cloud 9 Mixologist Blend Pure CBD Concentrate

Mixologist is ideal to make on your own. Stores can also use them to add CBD to their existing products. This item is pure CBD with a touch of PG/VG. Since the fluid is a filler, it can be added to foods, e-liquids, nutritional supplements, liquids, cosmetics, and topicals. Mixologist arrives prepared, so it is ready to be combined with 50mg’s of CBD for every 1ml of concentrate.

Their formula starts with non-GMO, European Certified Organic Hemp that uses the highest standards of cultivation. The product is THC-free because our Mixologist is pure CBD. Products with pure CBD won’t give users the buzz that comes with THC produces, nor is it psychotropic.

  • Cloud 9 Hemp's Pure CBD Tincture Drops

A convenient and easy approach to bolster your diet with CBD. The source of our gold label CBD comes from a certain hemp strain renowned for its ultra high cannabidiol potency. Afterward, it is evaluated in an American lab to make sure it contains the purest and highest Cannabidiol concentrations available. Their natural hemp oil CBD tincture drops are available in five wonderful flavors to please everybody's palette 

CBD Dabs

  • Pure CBD Isolate 

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Isolate is an extremely concentrated extract that has been highly refined making it possible to reap the health benfits of cannabidiol by way of dabbing.

Their unique formulation starts with European Organic, non-GMO Hemp that has been harvested to the up-most standards available. Then the isolate is extracted with Co2 for absolute purity and eliminates 100% of the THC leaving only pure CBD.

  • CBD Crumble

American made, CBD Crumble is a high strain hemp CBD. It is produced with PURE C02 extracted hemp oil that contains a minimum of 600 mg of CBD per gram.

  • CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter is produced in America with high strain hemp CBD. It's produced with PURE C02 extracted hemp oil that contains a minimum of 900 mg of CBD per gram.

  • CBD Wax Dabzz

CBD Wax Dabzz is created in America with high strain hemp CBD. It's produced with PURE C02 extracted hemp oil that contains a minimum of 250 mg of CBD per gram.

CBD Topicals

  • Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Body Lotion – 8oz

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Body Lotion replenishes and relieves dry skin. Soft, silky skin is achieved with the absorption of a moisture-rich CBD hemp oil.

  • Hempnotize Canna-Mask from Cloud 9 

Uniquely made face cream and mask with Rhassoul and Australian clays that will aid in revitalizing dull skin and lift imperfections. This face cream and mask is also infused with 50 mg of Cannabidiol Hemp Oil, carrot oils, and evening primrose oils. This is not just for skin nourishment, but to combat aging signs. The soothing scent of lavender and the tangy aroma of lime are mixed to present a clean, fresh, and long-lasting scent. 

  • Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Hand Cream - 4oz

Keep your delicate skin protected with deep moisturizing Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Hand Cream. The Hemp CBD Oil complements antioxidants such as vitamin E to naturally reduce sun damage and aging signs, leaving you with smooth, soft skin.

  • Cloud 9 Hemp - Da Balm, 2oz

Keep your body calm with the Cloud 9 Hemp Da Balm CBD healing cream. This herbal blend has a mild aroma, is never greasy, and will alter your perception of healing balms. Only for external use.

CBD for Your Pets

  • CBD Health Bites  

Health Bites are a great CBD-infused treat for your pets. Every pack of Health Bites comes with ten delicious dog treats. They are packed with 22MG of top of the line CBD in each bone.

  • CBD Pet Treats

Cloud 9 Hemp also distributes CBD pet treats from Pharma-Hemp, sourced only from the finest pesticide-free, Non GMO Hemp without the use of chemicals, only 100% goodness goes into these chicken flavored pet treats

Pure CBD Tincture Drops
Pure CBD Isolate
CBD Crumble
CBD Shatter
CBD Wax Dabzz
Cloud 9 Hemp logo
Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Body Lotion
Cloud 9 Hemp Hempnotize Canna Mask
Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Hand Cream
Cloud 9 Hemp - Da Balm
CBD Health Bites

As a result of Cannabidiol (CBD) awareness, Cloud 9 Hemp was established in 2014. Because Tennessee and other states haven’t approved medicinal marijuana, the founders of Cloud 9 Hemp intended to offer an alternative, which is CBD. Pure concentrated hemp CBD comes with all the advantages of medical marijuana but without getting you high.

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