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#1 Rated CBD/Cannabinoid Nutrition for Pets
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 ~ We take pride in awarding Canna-Pet with our highest quality rating and we whole-heartedly recommend their products to all of our readers. We encourage you to visit their website for the finest CBD Cananabinoid nutritional pet products in the industry!


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Beware of cheaply produced CBD cannabinoid pet supplements and consumables... go with the undisputed industry leader, Canna-Pet!

Canna-Pets® proprietary method of extraction along with their unique formulation technology has enabled them to produce pet food/supplement blends containing more than 2 dozen whole plant terpenes and cannabinoids from only the finest cultivated hemp. Canna-Pet has quickly positioned themselves as the global leader and industry pioneer in the sale and manufacturing of cannabinoid infused pet nutrition.

Cannabinoids such as CBD are compounds that occur naturally in hemp plants. They have been cultivated for millennia now because of their interactions with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

This endocannabinoid system is a part of many physiological processes in the body. It governs feelings of pain, appetite, nausea, memory, mood, and inflammation. 

With the help of hundreds of scientists, veterinarians, and medical researchers Canna-Pet was able to create the only food products for pets containing cannabinoids. Their products are sold worldwide through their website and through an expanding group of veterinarians and retail outlets. 

Since the inception of Canna-Pet they have distributed millions of their capsules and biscuits around the world. They have also had the pleasure of working with many veterinary universities to study the effects and benefits of their groundbreaking cannabinoid products. They continue to research and develop their products and use this information to continue to be the leading developer of cannabinoid nutrition specially designed for pets. 

The exclusive products they create have been developed using a powerful combination of expertise in phytochemistry, botany, biology, and nutraceutical formulation. They have proprietary facilities where they extract and preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. They have also created specific phytochemical ratios with their years of testing with the help of veterinarians and pets. 

Canna-Pet Review:

Rating: 5/5
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Quick Facts 

Canna-Pet are the sole creator of pet products that contain two dozen different terpenes and cannabinoids including more than just CBD. These terpenes and cannabinoids are used to create the Canna-Pet Entourage Effect. 

Canna-Pet products are completely legal for you to purchase and completely safe for your pet to eat. 

All of Canna-Pets products are all produced in cGMP facilities in the USA and are made using non-GMO hemp supplied by licensed suppliers in Europe. 

Canna-Pet cannabinoid infused products are highly recommended by veterinarians and they are also covered by many pet insurers. 

Despite the cannabinoid content there are zero psychoactive effects associated with Canna-Pet. 

They constantly strive to improve and refine Canna-Pet products with the help of our research programs carried out in conjunction with many veterinary universities. 
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  • Canna-Pet Advanced Small and Large capsules come with a wide range of concentrated cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids derived from hemp safe for cats and dogs. This product makes serving sizes simple, is made with a concentrated, improved formula, and sealed using cGMP packaging to provide you with a quality product that will last a long time. 

  • Canna-Pet Advanced MaxCBD is the most concentrated product in our range and it is available in the largest capacity capsule they have. This product is the number one choice for a pet in need. Now comes in bottles of 30 capsules for super savings! 

  • Their organic dog biscuits are made using Canna-Pet Advanced and are baked with organic, non-GMO quality ingredients right here in the USA. They use the same standards that you would with your own food on our biscuits. Our biscuits are just the right size for any size pet and can be taken with you while traveling without a hitch. Each box of our dog biscuits contains between 37 and 40 biscuits (8oz/227g)

  • Their range of Advanced MaxCDB biscuits are made for people looking for the most CBD. These biscuits may be rich in cannabidol but they still cause no psychoactive effects. This is the ultimate product for a pet in need. Every biscuit in the tub contains 150mg of the Canna-Pet Advanced MaxCDB formula. 

  • MaxCDB Liquid comes in 10ml servings and it is a highly concentrated dose of CDB extract designed for pets. These liquid MaxCDB products are great for all animals including cats, dogs, and even horses!

Additional Customer Benefits

  • Canna-Pet is 100% natural nutritional product for pets made from plants with no GMOs. You can give your pets our products knowing that they are not pharmaceuticals and the confidence that comes from knowing they cause no psychoactive or other adverse reactions.

  • Canna-Pet products are recommended by veterinarians and covered by many pet insurance plans.

  • Shipping provided worldwide.

  • 30-day, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money-back. 

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We take pride in awarding Canna-Pet with our highest quality rating and we whole-heatedly recommend their products to all of our readers. We encourage you to visit their website for the finest CBD Cananabinoid nutritional pet products ​in the industry!