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 Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
Canavape E-Liquid Review 
​Cannabidiol, known more frequently as CBD, is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis. Cannabis comes in more than one form, and one of those forms is cannabis sativa or hemp. 

The commercially grown hemp is very high in CBD, and incredibly low in THC, so low, in fact, that there are absolutely no psychoactive effects. CBD oil is legal in 40 different countries around the world, including the USA and UK, with millions of consumers worldwide. Canavape CBD products have many possible beneficial effects, with an increasing number of reports support its use for, including but not limited to; stress relief, anxiety, pain, help with sleep problems and more. 

As of this review, Canavape CBD E-liquid retails for £21.00 for 10 mL of 100 mg available in 8 different flavors as well as 10 mL of 200 mg for £38.00 in 8 flavors also. Canavape CBD Gold Drops are also available, which include the full spectrum of CBD oils, are available in 30 mL bottles of 1000 mg for £116.99 in 2 flavors, and 500 mg for £59.99 available in 2 flavors as well. 

There is also Canavape Premium CBD E-liquid, with a VG Ratio of 70%, comes in a 15 mL glass bottle of 200 mg strength for £43.49, or 300 mg strength for £54.49. Cannavape’s website also carries a brand of CBD oil named MediVapour , which has a VG Ratio of 100%, and comes in two different strengths; 350 mg as well as 700 mg, which both come in 3 different flavors. 

Canavape CBD E-liquid is available in a variety of flavors, depending on the strength of CBD, which include: Organic Hemp, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango and more. 


  • These E-liquids are available for purchase in 40 different countries.
  • There are a variety of benefits from CBD oil including relief of stress, anxiety, pain and sleep problems. 
  • E-liquids are “full spectrum” which means they contain the full spectrum of CBD oils, and contain many more beneficial cannabinoids than just CBD. 
  • E-liquids are natural and non-GMO. 


  • Though there are a variety of flavors, not all the different strengths of CBD oil are available in many different flavors. 
  • You cannot use Paypal as a form of payment due to the sale of CBD oil apparently being against their Terms and Conditions. 
  • Canavape’s CBD oils are natural, but they offer other oils from other companies that are organic. It may be a good idea for Canavape to offer their own organic oil rather than that from another company. 

Overall we think that Canavape offers some of the best CBD E-liquids​ to be found in the UK however be sure to check your local import laws if you are ordering from outside of the UK

Rating: 4 out of 5
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