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 Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
Differences between CBD from Medical Marijuana and CBD from Industrial Hemp 
Dietary Supplements made from Industrial Hemp

Due to the rich deposits of CBD found in the industrial hemp and just traces of THC, industrial hemp products are being used by many people as an alternative to medical marijuana. Another reason for this is that medical marijuana is still illegal in many states and some parts of the world. While industrial hemp is legal and safe, which makes it the perfect alternative.

From industrial hemp you get most of the beneficial properties of medical marijuana and can still avoid getting intoxicated
The products made from industrial hemp are produced under standard federal laws in FDA registered amenities which is why they are completely safe. 

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Cannabidiol products can be manufactured from both, medical marijuana and industrial hemp. What could be the difference? We already have established that medical marijuana may have concentrated amounts of THC, while industrial hemp only contains traces. 

However, what about Cannabidiol? Is it possible for the CBD extracted from industrial hemp to be the same as that extracted from medical marijuana? Let’s find out. 

CBD’s chemical composition remains precisely the same, regardless of the host plant. You can further research on this matter through Wikipedia. 

So basically, you must understand that Cannabidiol is Cannabidiol. It does not matter which plant it is extracted from, Cannabidiol will chemically be exactly the same. Any difference in the chemical form means that it is not Cannabidiol. This is simple chemistry and there is no doubt about it. 
industrial hemp vs medical marijuana
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