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 Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
CBDLifeLabs™ Super CBD E-Liquid Review 
CBDLifeLabs™ develops, manufactures and sells poor quality e-liquids for the vaping industry. Their product, the Super CBD e-Liquid is made using cannabidiol extracted from the hemp plant. 

Each 10 ml bottle contains only a small amount of CBD all natural ingredients and never any dangerous chemicals or substances. Using their process virtually all of the THC (psychoactive compound found in marijuana) is removed leaving all of the medical benefits, without the unwanted “high”. 

Who should be looking at CBDLifeLabs™ Super CBD e-Liquids

Medical marijuana has been dominating the news lately as several different states wrestle with the idea of making medical marijuana legal. While only a handful of states allow it, most of the states are not willing to go up against the federal ban on marijuana. This is where CBD or Cannabidiol comes in, CBD e-liquids are legal throughout the country and can be used most anywhere vaping is allowed. Since CBD e-liquids don’t require a doctor’s prescription, you don’t have to worry about the extra added expense of a doctor’s office visit. 

Benefits of CBD vs. Medical Marijuana 

  • Inhale an appealing vapor instead of foul smelling smoke
  • Delivers a relaxing feel without unwanted high from the THC
  • Only comes from all natural sources free from dangerous chemicals
  • Helps to counteract the effects of stress and anxiety


You’re not be able to find Super CBD e-Liquids in any retail outlet or store, they are only available online. They do this for a number of reasons like being able to keep costs down however they do not pass the savings along to you as their e-liquid is quite expensive. They currently are offering three different packages; single bottle, three bottle and five bottle packs.

Single Pack - 10ml bottle of Super CBD e-Liquid =$49.99
Three Pack - 2ea. 10ml bottle @ $44.99 + 1ea.10ml Free of Super CBD e-Liquid = $89.98
Five Pack - 4ea. 10ml bottle @ $29.99 + 1ea. 10ml Free of Super CBD e-Liquid = $119.96


  • All products are shipped free
  • CBD does not require a doctor’s prescription 


  • Expensive
  • Contains very small amount of CBD, 
  • Only available in natural flavor which tastes very earthy
  • Only available online 


Vaping has become much more mainstream these days as more people are looking to break the smoking habit. As more people discover vaping it will continue to grow exponentially. With vaping becoming more popular it makes perfect sense that manufacturers like CBDLifeLabs™ would use this popularity to take advantage by creating a cheaply produced and inferior e-liquid. CBD E-liquid use has been growing in popularity and much of this is due to claimed health benefits of Cannabidiol. 

We do not recommend CBDLifeLabs™

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